Professional Elevator Pitch (PEP)

5 Feb


Here’s how to get your Professional Elevator Pitch (PEP):

1. Create your pitch

Craft your elevator pitch (30 seconds or less) beginning with:

“I am (first and last name), (your title), at (your company name)”…

2. Record your pitch

Record yourself saying your elevator pitch using Voice Memo (on all iPhones) or Voice Recorder (on all Droid devices.) Hold the phone about 2 feet from your mouth as you speak and pick a quiet place without a lot of background noise (AC hum, office chatter, car chases etc.)

3. Send your pitch

Email the recording along with the photo you use for your LinkedIn headshot and a high-rez image of your logo to

4. Let me work my magic

I will create a kinetic text/motion graphic video you can embed in your LinkedIn profile page, add to your email signature as well as share on social media platforms.

Click here to see mine.

Click here to see Peter Davis’

Click here to see Misti Burmeister’s

Click Here to see Christine Carter’s

This important part of your brand message only costs $100.

Questions? Talk to me.

Shaun Callahan

Chief Editing Officer

PEP Video


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