Kind Words

“Shaun has mad editing skills. His videos are the stuff.”

– Shaun’s Mom





“This is an amazing video. I am so impressed with how you were able to take a simple concept

and transform it in to a very powerful video/slide show.

I was at the event and people couldn’t stop talking about it….infact I actually saw one or two folks crying.

Great work!”

– Erin Hodge-Williams, Executive Director, Higher Achievement – Baltimore


“Working with Shaun has been an absolute pleasure. I’ve rarely been so pleased with any vendor.

First off, he is very prompt and thorough with communications, which I appreciate.

Deadlines (even rather unrealistic ones) were always met with time to spare.

But most importantly, the results were fantastic. I had a fairly clear vision of our message, and Shaun was

able to make the videos a reality and add some wonderful things I never thought of.

He has been generous with his knowledge and insight for our projects and is a highly valued partner.”

– Megan Bozman, Director of Marketing, LogiXML


“Consolidating a forty plus minute speech into less than 2 and a half minutes is an incredible feat. Melannie Kelleher

Doing that and retaining the passion, energy and message of that speech is amazing.

Anyone that needs video editing done needs to call Shaun.

Not only does he create amazing videos, he is great to work with.”

– Melanie Kelleher, Director of Marketing, Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore


“Whenever someone asks me about Baltimore, I tell them to watch this video (U.S. Congress of Mayors 2011)arose

because it captures the energy and rhythm of what the city is all about.

That is what Shaun does for every project he edits.

He brings out the true spirit of the story that needs to be told.

– Andrew Rose, Director of Marketing, Naden/Lean, LLC


“In nearly 7 years of working with film editors Shaun certainly stands out. Allison Benson O'Brian

Not only is he a lot of fun to work with – high-energy, positive, and patient – he is also incredibly thorough and thoughtful.

From our first meeting all the way through each of the nine rounds of edits I knew Shaun understood exactly what we wanted to accomplish.

And he delivered a beautiful final product.

What can be some very frustrated work was made fun in our experience with Pep,

and we look forward to more projects to come.”

– Allison Benson O’Brien, Director of Corporate Communications, Agora Publishing


 “Shaun is a truly talented man who is a pleasure to work with.Julie Mendez

His professionalism was apparent in our first meeting, and continued with his prompt follow up.

Shaun’s editing made 6+ hours of raw footage a cohesive, inspiring, and story-driven masterpiece.

His videos made our event shine, and will continue to put a spotlight on AmeriCorps in Maryland.”

– Julie Mendez, Outreach Manager, Governor’s Office on Service and Volunteerism


Shaun gets it. And most people don’t even know what “it” is, but he does –starling

and he’s a great story teller with video who is committed to his clients getting their message out to the world.

We will hire Pep again!”
– John Starling, Managing Partner, Smith Growth Partners



“When Shaun gets you he moves you to the next level.Peter Davis

Sometimes he does it with wise counsel and sometimes he does it with story-driven editing.

He’s smart, talented, fun, efficient, and the results are fantastic. Pep Video rocks!

– Peter Davis, Peter Davis Branding


“If you appreciate being wowed by excellence in customer service and a relentless dedicationMisti Burmeister

to an awesome final product, hire Shaun today!

Beyond your end product being exceptional, you’ll have fun along the way – I certainly did!”

– Misti Burmeister, Provoker


“Combine the beauty of a rainbow, the clarity of a clear blue sky, and oddly enough,Christine Carter

the professionalism of Apple.

My elevator pitch created by Pep Video was executed with all of this in mind.

Shaun, in less than 24 hours, made a clear, dynamic, engaging video for my company… something very affordable and 7 years overdue.

Sheer perfection.”

– Christine Carter, Owner, Epps Consulting

“It’s a hit, like a really big hit! You are the best! Personal, Effective, Professional – PEP Video.”

– Bill Pearce, Super Hero




“Shaun has a unique talent in creating videos; the mixing of visual images with music

transform the content to art!

Shaun’s videos have an edgy, artistic twist and are always fun to watch!

Shaun gives you a well choreographed experience; more like mini films than ads.”

– Sarah Sartipy, Elite Lock & Key



“Holy s**t! You friggin’ rock!

– Brooke Hall, CEO – Brooke Hall Creative.





“I’ve known Shaun for many years and he always surprises me with his creativity and his desire to serve his clients.  Alicia Rodriguez

Only Shaun could turn something as mundane as an elevator pitch into something engaging and fun to share.

 As a writer I tend to be verbose but Shaun’s direction and suggestions made it easy to hone my message.

In a short time I had more than an elevator pitch, but a direct and engaging message that I expect will capture the attention of my desired audience.  

Many thanks Shaun.”

– Alicia Rodriguez, President – Sophia Associates, Inc.


“Shaun helped my brothers and me put together a video for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.

He did an amazing job listening to what we were thinking and helping guide us.

He took our raw video and pictures and edited them into a finished product that captured what we all felt was so special about our parents.

The finished product surpassed our expectations and gave our parents a priceless keepsake.”

– Jeff Hettleman


“Typical reaction of a 13-year-old to…anything: ” Yeah, whatever…”

Reaction of a score of 13-year olds to the PEP video at a recent party:


Turns out they had a pulse after all–and Shaun nailed it..

– Hap Cooper..



“Shaun edits video better than he plays the washboard (and he’s the best washboard player

north of New Orleans). He knows his craft and loves what he does. That’s a great combination.”

– Paul Naden, CPA, JD – Financial Awareness Instructor and Author of “DIMWYT”,




“Pulling together a video to be the centerpiece of my wife’s 50th surprise birthday party was a big deal for me.

Fortunately, Shaun and PEP video made it incredible easy to do.  The speed, creativity and music used to create the video was unmatched!

Thanks Shaun for all you do – you made the party a complete success!

– George Riedel



“The video Shaun made for my husband’s retirement party was priceless!  

I don’t know how he seemed to catch the essence of a man he didn’t know!

The timing and editing with the music was quite remarkable, and humorous.

– Suzanne O’Melia



“Shaun freakin’ rocks!  

As a repeat customer, I have had the opportunity to work closely with PEP Video on multiple projects and I couldn’t be more satisfied with his work.

Shaun is able to turn production around incredibly fast and I am consistently impressed with his excellent finishing skills.

He knows how to capture the true resonance of a story.  It has been a pleasure working with Shaun and I’m looking forward to engaging him more in the future.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of video editing and post-production.”

Joe Mechlinski, CEO and Co-founder – entreQuest


What a pleasure it has been to collaborate with Shaun on our recent SCRT project.

To put a spin on an old adage…it takes an editor to know an editor.

I can attest that this guy knows his way around the edit suite  – technically top notch, but the joy he brings to his process is what will keep me coming back.

 – Gregg Landry, Owner – BlueRock Productions


Shaun produced a wonderful video incorporating the thoughts and comments of over 15 people in a video

honoring a person who was celebratinga 30th Anniversary with our company.

The end product was simply amazing in how it presented these comments in a way that was so genuine, loving, lighthearted and meaningful.

You were able to take over 2 hours of footage and create a 10 minute video that was tremendously powerful.  Thanks so much.

– Arnold I. Richman, Chairman – The Shelter Group


I was lucky enough to see several of the videos Shaun has been working on for clients and I have to say they are amazing.

He is so creative and has a unique ability to create edgy, vibrant messages in a fun and dynamic way.

When you need to get your message across the screen in 2 minutes or less, he’s the guy to make it happen.

– Karen Schwartz, Business Development Expert and Founder – Springboard, LLC



entreQuest has an ongoing relationship with Shaun and PepVideo.

Several members of the entreQuest team have had the benefit of working directly with Shaun on different projects.

Shaun’s work is of the highest quality. He clearly knows what he is doing, is proactive in his working relationships, is flexible, and delivers results in a timely manner.

In sum, Shaun continues to deliver a remarkable client experience every time.

– Carrie Root, Engagement Manager – entreQuest


The way Shaun captured the spirit of BVU’s GIVE Program within a four minute video is amazing. 

The enthusiasm of our current classmates is front and center.

The rationale for potential future participants to apply is clear and inspiring.

We provided Shaun with a large amount of information that he expertly trimmed and fit together into a professional, engaging piece.

Our team is so pleased to have Shaun’s support to tell our story in a way that we couldn’t have on our own.

– Jim Dickinson, Ph.D., Director of Programs and Leadership Development – Business Volunteers Unlimited Maryland


Your work exceeded my expectations!

Not only were you a true pleasure to work with, you were able to turn a simple concept into a really moving and powerful visual message.

Thank you for your tireless dedication to this project and for giving the BVU GIVE Program a truly memorable piece.

Thank you!

– Amy Rogers, Advisory Board Member – GIVE


Shaun and his team at PEP are quite simply a joy to work with.Monyka Berrocosa

The professionalism, the dedication, the creativity…it’s nothing short of astounding.

As someone who regularly contracts out video work, I can’t say enough good things about my experience working with Shaun and PEP.

In fact, I’m racking my brain to come up with other utilities for his unique services, as his prowess with editing is nothing short of amazing.

On budget, on time, spot on – PEP is the way to go – believe me.

THANKS SHAUN, myself the M.Consulting and teams really look forward to working with you again!

– Monyka Berrocosa, Founder/CCO – MyCityForHer, Inc.


I could not have imagined a better video to represent BVU’s GIVE Program!

I was amazed at how quickly Shaun was able to create such a professional and polished video from the raw footage we sent him.

It’s evident that he listened and was in tuned with the vision we had for capturing the mission of BVU, the energy of our GIVE Program and the appeal we wanted to deliver to future participants.


– Nicole Bowens, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator – Business Volunteers Unlimited Maryland


When our son Ben was approaching the date of his Bar Mitzvah, I wanted to make sure we celebrated howGlasser New
great he was with more than just another homemade slide show that would put half of our neighbors to sleep so I reached out to my friend, Shaun Callahan at PEP Video.

I sent Shaun around 200 of our favorite photos of Ben and he turned them into video that not only celebrated Ben for that day, but we are constantly being asked by our friends, “Can we see the Ben video again?”
I finally made copies to give to them.
His prices are extremely reasonable and the results are priceless.
If you have an important life celebration coming up or you want a video that people will actually want to watch
more than once call Shaun.
– Mike Glasser, Owner – The Goddard School in Sparks, MD
“While my expectations were a 10th anniversary video, you delivered a “decade of memories in five minute
short movie form” that gets better with every viewing.Eric Levenson What you did with the pool scene, (a digital still populated with 10 years of growing up) was truly brilliant.
I am thrilled beyond words!”

– Eric Levenson, PresidentJeffrey Press, Inc. 



“Shaun’s a rock star. There is simply no other way to put it.Vaness Milio

He just has the incredible ability to turn ideas into videos, that capture the moment, tell a story and compel you to action.”

.– Vanessa Milio, Senior DirectorBusiness Volunteers




“I wanted a video elevator pitch to reflect our work at Offit Kurman Attorneys At Law, and Shaun nailed it! Jim Ries

He has a fool proof process that made it so easy to get it done.

It’s a no-brainer, and I highly recommend that you contact Shaun and get started.”

– Jim Ries, P.A. Marketing and Business Development – Offit Kurman Attorneys at Law



“If you want to clarify and share your message in a fun and engaging way,Colleen m thumb

Shaun’s Elevator Pitch is a great way to go.

Shaun’s creativity and focus helps you distill your message so others know who you are and what you do.

Work with Shaun to create a stronger and more compelling personal message, you will be glad you did.”
– Colleen McKenna, Principal – Intero Advisory


What an easy and unique way to add audio to my website!  I love my elevator pitch.  Marge Everett

It’s a professional product that was fun to create and adds personality to my on-line presence.

A small investment that yields big dividends!

– Marge Everett, Founder – SSC Coaching



“The Elevator Pitch was my introduction to video for my business.  Ammie Dover

It allowed me to create an interactive way for others to get to know me, my company and our mission in a very short amount of time.

I’m thrilled with the way my elevator pitch turned out.  Thanks Shaun!

– Ammie Dover, Larek Point Consulting



“Working with Shaun of PEP Video has been a gratifying experience.Mali Phonpadith

Not only did he do an excellent job with my elevator pitch, he has done a tremendous job as a business partner who helps me bring more “PEP” to my clients’ messaging through this medium.

He is fun and easy to work with and his dedication to his craft allows for fast turnaround time as he creates creative elevator pitches for my dynamic clients.”

– Mali Phonpadith, CEO – Mali Creative



“Shaun is one of the most creative people I know.Mary Kavanagh

Many times I visit the PepVideo website just to see if he has posted a new video from a new client.

His work will entertain you and evoke emotions even when you don’t know the organization or person featured in a particular piece.

For Abilities Network’s Walkabout Abilities 2014 promotional video, Shaun perfectly mined relevant footage from uncut, archived documentation and even independently visited the original videographer for background information.

He then creatively combined his selected cuts with still images and unique music to magically transform the promo video into a piece that left our employees, Board of Directors, and Event Committee excited about becoming involved with this year’s fundraiser.

Shaun is a genius at combining creativity with technical ability.

He is more than generous with his time and knowledge, at times guiding clients to achieve their messaging goal even when they cannot articulate it for themselves.

Those who have worked with Shaun know that his huge talent is matched only by the size of his gigantic heart. He calls himself a “cutter”, but it’s no secret that he is obviously much, much more.”

– Mary Kavanagh, Development Associate – Abilities Network


“Shaun’s infectious energy and passion is catching.Rachel Anne Warren

Every time I see Shaun out, I walk away with at least 3 really creative and innovative ideas to grow my business.

I absolutely love my Professional Elevator Pitch video.

The message is everything I want to say to potential clients…and in just 30 seconds!”

 – Rachel Anne Warren, Copywriter & Journalist


“Wow!!! I love love love love love it!!!!!!Farin Doran

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”
– Farin Doran
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