Audience Engagement and Production Quality

7 Mar

1. No Video

Simple. A video that doesn’t exist requires no production quality and creates no audience engagement.

2. Raw Footage

Simply shooting a video (even a bad one) requires time and effort. Here are some of the basic mistakes that will make your audience click away fast:

– too long (your mom may watch it but no one else will)

– too many “ums”, uncomfortable pauses and misspoken lines

– bad lighting

– poor sound quality

3. Basic Edits

An edit should get rid of anything that distracts from your story. The simple process of cutting out the stutters, stammers and wasted pauses will help tighten the video and keep the story focused.

Even though this takes time and effort, your video may still be unwatchable.

4. Professional Editing and Post-Production (the stuff PEP video does)

By using tools like color correction, overlays, motion graphics and other advanced editing techniques, what was boring footage can easily become engaging content.

5. Even More Production

You can always keeping spending time and money adding more. Music, animation, special effects etc. The trick is to ask yourself, “does this help the audience focus on the story or is it a distraction?”

How many times have you seen that really cool TV commercial only to realize you can’t remember what the product was that was being advertised?

The story is what matters. Edits should take away anything that distracts from the story and any other post-production methods should only be used if they enhance the story.

As suggested in the first comment to this post, below is a quick video using one single piece of bad video and showing the effects of some production, just enough production and too much production. (It was hard for me to sound boring and lackluster but I think I did a good job of being terrible.)

4 Responses to “Audience Engagement and Production Quality”

  1. mshelicop March 24, 2011 at 8:55 pm #

    Give an example at each point. Even a tiny clip showing what each “level” looks like.

    • pepvideo March 24, 2011 at 9:23 pm #

      Great suggestion. I will look for examples to illustrate. Thanks.

  2. mshelicop March 25, 2011 at 3:38 pm #


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